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qyoo iPhone application


Marketing professionals must be able to assess what consumers need from their brands while on the go, and then have the right tools to engage. more...

mobile solutions for agencies


Publishing a 2d barcode is more than a tool to push digital content from your print publication. It is about giving your advertisers more ways to interact with your readers. more...

mobile solutions for publishers

Creative Professionals

The art of creating mobile content requires an understanding of how to creatively engage someone on a mobile device. more...

mobile solutions for creative directors

IT/Web Developers

Qyoo scripting was designed for easy animating of digital assets as well as interactivity... cross-platform across mobile devices!
Contact us to learn more...

mobile solutions for web developers

Media Buyers

Unlike other media where you have to plan and buy media is mass quantity, qyoo is only paid for with customer engagement -- you only pay when the customer decides to interact with your brand. more...

mobile solutions for media buyers


We are currently alpha testing the system where anyone can create their own qyoos (for business cards, band promotion, small businesses, etc.) Contact us to learn more...

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Personal Users

The whole purpose for the! Whether you're hunting for new viral videos, are curious about a qyoo that was posted somewhere, or looking for coupons/'s time for you to "go discover™!"

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